2017 Speaking Schedule

Adele Abrams, Esq. is the speaker for all events below, except as noted

3/15/17 National Business Institute, Employment Law Seminar, Baltimore MD

3/21/17 Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago, speak on OSHA Enforcement, Chicago, IL

3/24/17 Chesapeake Region Safety Council, seminar on OSHA crystalline silica rule, Baltimore, MD (Adele Abrams & Michael Peelish)

3/27/17 Environmental Information Association, presentation on crystalline silica, Orlando, FL

4/4/17 BLR Safety Summit, present on OSHA's Walking-Working Surfaces rule, Austin, TX

4/5/17 BLR Safety Summit, present on OSHA's crystalline silica rule, Austin, TX

4/6/17 ASSE/AIHA PDC, present on Due Diligence and Personal Liability for Safety Professionals, Laurel, MD

4/10/17 Progressive Business Conferences, webinar on OSHA's crystalline silica rule

4/11-12/17 MSHA South Central Mine Safety Conference, present on MSHA workplace examinations (Dallas, TX)

4/17/17 ClearLaw, webinar on OSHA electronic recordkeeping and anti-retaliation rules

4/20/17 Associated Builders & Contractors, seminar on OSHA's crystalline silica rule, ABC Offices, Dulles, VA (Adele Abrams & Michael Peelish)

4/21/17 USA Group, presentation on OSHA/MSHA update, Victorville, CA

4/25/17 Industrial Minerals Association - North America Safety & Technical Workshop, present on Multi-Site Safety Programs, St. Paul, MN

4/27/17 BLR webinar on corporate-wide abatement and safety programs

5/9/17 New Mexico Mine Safety Conference, present on Injury Reporting Requirements

5/24/17 National Safety Council, Mid-Year Division Conference, present on Safety Considerations for Unique Populations, Coronado, CA

5/31/17 BLR Webinar on PPE and Hazard Assessment

6/1/17 BLR Webinar on Substance Abuse Programs, Medical & Recreational Marijuana

6/6/17 SafePro Mine Safety Institute, present on MSHA enforcement and requirements, Savannah, GA

6/8/17 BLR Webinar on OSHA Inspection Management and Defense

6/20/17 ASSE PDC, present on Management of Safety & Health Documents

6/22/17 ASSE PDC, present on OSHA walking-working surfaces rule (panel)