2017 Speaking Schedule

Adele Abrams, Esq. is the speaker for all events below, except as noted

June 20: ASSE PDC, Denver, CO, speak on Key Safety Documents

June 22: ASSE PDC, Denver, CO, speak on OSHA Walking/Working Surfaces Rule

June 28: Business 21 Webinar on OSHA Recordkeeping/Reporting Requirements

July 12:  Virginia OSHA Silica training for inspectors, Manassas, VA.
Presenter is Michael Peelish.

July 13: BLR Webinar on Lockout/Tagout Requirements and Exemptions

July 18: Lorman Webinar on Disciplining Unsafe Employees

July 20: BLR Webinar on OSHA and the "Direct Threat to Safety" Defense under the ADA

July 26: Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association, Penn State, OSHA Silica Rule

August 3: NWPCA Safety Summit, Chicago, IL, speak on OSHA Enforcement Emphasis Areas

August 4: Artex Safety Training, Burlington, VT

August 14: Chesapeake Regional Safety Council, Baltimore, MD, OSHA Silica Rule.
Co-presenter is Michael Peelish.

August 15: Environmental Information Association, Greensboro, NC, Seminar on Crystalline Silica Issues and the new OSHA Standard

August 17: BLR Webinar on Effective Document Management

August 18: ASSE Construction Practice Specialty Webinar, OSHA Update

August 31: Clearlaw Webinar on OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping & Injury Reporting Rules

September 13: Northern White Sands Conference, Denver, CO, speak on OSHA/MSHA Regulation of Crystalline Silica.  Presenter is Diana Schroeher.

September 21: BLR Webinar on Legally Effective Accident Reporting

September 22: ASSE Region VI PDC, speak on OSHA/MSHA Update: Will Safety Be Trumped?

September 25: National Safety Council Annual Congress, Indianapolis, IN, speak on Multi-Generational Workforce Training Issues

September 26: National Safety Council Annual Congress, Indianapolis, IN, speak on OSHA's Electronic Recordkeeping Rule and Anti-retaliation Requirements

October 2: Progressive Business Conferences webinar on Confined Spaces for General Industry

October 11: Chesapeake Region Safety Council Annual Conference, Laurel, MD, speak on OSHA's Crystalline Silica Rule Update

October 20: USA Group, Victorville, CA, speak on OSHA/MSHA Update

November 6: Progressive Business Conferences webinar on Disciplining Unsafe Workers

November 15: SafePro Inc. Mine Safety Institute, Savannah, GA, presentation on MSHA legal issues